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Agency number: 107
Title: Office of the CEO and Councillor Support
Start date: 01 Jan 1993
End date:
Creation: Resolutions of Council 17 August and 21 December 1992

Administrative history note: Following the resignation of the Town Clerk (Leon Parmeter Carter) in 1992, and following a report on the management structure by consultants, Council decided on 17 August 1992 to employ a General Manager as chief executive officer, and to appoint the Deputy Town Clerk (Mr Graham Joss) as Acting Town Clerk pending the appointment of the General Manager. These moves foreshadowed changes known to be included in the forthcoming Local Government Act 1993 (law from 1 July 1993) which required local governments to adopt more up-to-date management structures.

On 21 December 1992 Council agreed to implement the new management structure recommended by the consultants (Ernst & Young). The Office of the General Manager is deemed to have been established from 1 January 1993.

The General Managers have been:
Katie Lahey,14 December 1992 to 25 August 1995.
Greg Maddock, 1 February 1996 to January 2001.
Murray Douglas, February 2001 to June 2001.
John Kass (Acting), July 2001 to October 2001.
Robert Domm, November 2001 to September 2004.
Petar Vladeta (Acting), October 2004 to March 2005.
Peter Seamer, March 2005 to April 2006.
Monica Barone, since April 2006.

The Office of the General Manager was at first (1993-1995) focussed on implementation of the administrative reorganisation that created new Divisions from the old departments, and with the accompanying restructuring and downsizing. The major ongoing responsibilities have been: public affairs (publicity and promotional activity); and management of cultural affairs and civic occasions (shared responsibility with the Office of the Lord Mayor); and (through subordinate agencies) provision of secretariat services to the Council and Committees; and legal services. Between 1993 and 1998 this office was also responsible for the conduct of Council elections.

From 1996 the Office of the General Manager has also been responsible for coordination of Major Events (such as the City Open days) and for the Olympic Program Office established in 1997.

Following the re-amalgamation of South Sydney City Council with the City in 2004, an organisational restructure created the position of Deputy General Manager, to whom the business units within the OGM reported. This position was abolished in May 2005 and the title of the Office of the General Manager changed to Office of the CEO [Chief Executive Officer] and Councillor Support


Preceding agencies:
Information Services starts 01 Jan 1993 
Treasury II starts 01 Jan 1993 
Civic Affairs starts 01 Jan 1993 
Legal and Governance  starts by 01 Dec 2005 
Corporate Services starts by 31 Dec 2010 
Cultural and Community Services starts c. 26 Sep 1996 
Client Services starts 01 Jul 1997 
Leichhardt Municipal Council starts 08 May 2003 
South Sydney City Council General Managers Department starts 06 Feb 2004 
South Sydney City Council Community Living Department starts 08 May 2003 
Total 11 Agencies. Click here to see all...

Succeeding agencies:
Client Services starts 28 Aug 1996 
Asset Management and Compliance starts 01 Jan 2003 
Chief Financial Officer starts by 11 Sep 2012 

Superior agencies:

Subordinate agencies:
Medical  01 Jan 1993 ~ 28 Jun 1994 
Human Resources  01 Jan 1993 ~ 01 Mar 1995 
Human Resources  01 Apr 2001 ~ 01 Sep 2009 
Finance  01 Jan 1993 ~ 28 Feb 1995 
Audit and Review  01 Jan 1993 ~ 30 Jun 2001 
Japan Week Management Committee starts 01 Jul 1997 
Sydney/Nagoya Sister City Committee starts 01 Jul 1997 
Sydney/San Francisco Sister City Committee starts 01 Jul 1997 
Sydney/Guangzhou Sister City Committee starts 01 Jul 1997 
Sydney/Portsmouth Sister City Committee starts 01 Jul 1997 

Related agencies:

Functions exercised by this agency:
Electoral administration  01 Jan 1993 ~ 12 Feb 1999 
Ceremonial events and civic occasions starts 26 Sep 1996 
Governance of the Council starts 01 Jan 1993 
Chief Executive Officer starts 01 Jan 1993 
Council administration starts 01 Jan 1993 

Organisations controlling this agency:
Sydney City Council starts 01 Jan 1993 

Persons related to this agency:

Record series created by this agency:
General Correspondence and Subject Files starts 01 Jan 1993 
Public Relations Photograph Library starts 01 Nov 1995 
Annual Reports II starts 01 Jan 1993 
Newsclippings Service starts 01 Jan 1995 
General Correspondence and Subject Files starts 01 Aug 1997 
Olympic Games Photograph Library  30 Jul 2000 ~ 30 Oct 2000 
New Year's Eve Records  01 Jan 1996 ~ 30 Apr 2006 
Records of the Sydney Cabaret Convention  01 Jan 1997 ~ 31 May 2003 
Olympic Games videotapes  30 Jul 2000 ~ 03 Jan 2000 
City Life current events bulletins  01 Jan 1998 ~ 27 Jul 2003 
Total 12 Series. Click here to see all...

Record series controlled by this agency:

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