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Function number: 24
Title: Chief Executive Officer
Start date: 16 Nov 1842
End date:
Creation: Sydney Corporation Act 1842, s65 etc, and subsequent City of Sydney Acts until 1949. Appointment of the Town Clerk. Local Government Act 1993, ss334,335 Appointment and responsibilities of a General Manager. For municipalities other than the City of Sydney (prior to 1949) : Municipalities Act 1858 s52 (power to appoint officers). Refer to the function CF 29.

Descriptive note: ***This function applies to all Councils***
For Councils other than Sydney City Council, absorbed by the City by 1949, see function FUN 29 for details.

The function of chief executive officer of the Council. The Town Clerk (since 1993 General Manager) is the chief executive officer of the Council, responsible for the administrative structure created to give effect to the functions assigned to the Council by legislation or other authority.

For much of Council's history, the authority of the Town Clerk was limited by the direct intervention of aldermen in Council management (for example, in the selection of staff and assigning contracts), and by the autonomous responsibilities given to other Council managers (the City Treasurer and City Building Surveyor at different times had statutory responsibilities over which the Town Clerk had no direct control). Successive Town Clerks, especially since the time of Nesbitt have attempted with varying success to establish their authority over all communication between the Council as a political body and the administrative structure.

Chief executive officers since 1842 have been -

Town Clerks:
Richard O'Connor (provisional TC, appointed by Governor 3 Sep 1842).
Charles Henry Chambers (1842-1843) (Appointed at Council meeting 16 Nov 1842)
John Rae (1843-1853)
[Commissioners in office - no Town Clerk]
Charles H Woolcott (1857-1887)
Henry J Daniels (1887-1898)
John R Palmer (1898-1899)
R McCheyne Anderson (1899-1901)
Thomas Huggins Nesbitt (1901-1924)
William Grazebrook Layton (1924-1931)
Roy Hendy (1931-1956)
Edward William Adams (1956-1962)
J H Luscombe (1962-1974)
Leon Parmeter Carter (1974-1992)
Graham Joss (1992)
Title of Town Clerk changed to General Manager:
Katie Lahey (1993-1995)
Greg Maddock (1996-2000)
Murray Douglas (2001-)

Activities comprising this function:
Public Officer statutory requirement starts 01 Jan 1993 
Issue of general administrative instructions  
Management of administrative change starts 31 Dec 1881 
Statutory reporting  

Agencies exercising this function:
Civic Affairs  01 Jan 1989 ~ 21 Dec 1992 
Town Clerk's Department  16 Nov 1842 ~ 29 Jun 1970 
Sydney City Council starts 01 Nov 1842 
Office of the CEO and Councillor Support starts 01 Jan 1993 
South Sydney City Council  01 Jan 1989 ~ 06 Feb 2004 
South Sydney City Council Executive Services Department  01 Jan 1989 ~ 30 Jun 1995 
South Sydney City Council General Managers Department  01 Jul 1995 ~ 06 Feb 2004 

Persons exercising this function:
Anderson, Robert Murray McCheyne  01 Nov 1899 ~ 21 Feb 1901 

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