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Letter - Suggestions for the lighting of parks by electricity, Sydney, 1888
template is Document
Letter - Advice about electric tram stop at Queen Victoria Markets, 1899
template is Document
Memorandum - Report of the sub-committee on lighting the Sydney Town Hall by electricity, 1894
template is Document
Letter - Suggestions on electric lighting bill from President of Electric Club of NSW, 1895
template is Document
Memorandum - Observations by City Solicitor regarding amendments to Electric Lighting Bill, 1895
template is Document
Letter: Allgemeine Elektricitats-Gesellschaft, Berlin promoting their electric lighting system, 1893
template is Document
Letter - Proposed site for an electric plant for lighting the City, Sydney, 1891
template is Document
Memorandum - Report by City Solicitor on Council's power regarding electric lighting, 1891
template is Document
Letter - Altering of specifications for Centennial Hall lighting, Sydney Town Hall, 1889
template is Document
Memorandum -  Minute regarding electric light from Mayor, Sydney, 1899
template is Document
Letter - Report about the lighting of the City of Sydney by electricity, 1897
template is Document
Letter - Concern about the electric lighting bill for City of Sydney, 1888
template is Document
Letter - Forwarding of a bill to facilitate and regulate the supply of electricity to the City of Sydney, 1888
template is Document
Letter -  Thomas Edison - Advice on lighting Sydney with electric lights, 1882
template is Document
Letter - Invitation to witness a 'monster explosion' by electricity of 80,000 tons of stone, Sydney, 1878
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Letter - Offer to supply lighting for the new Sydney Town Hall, 1875
template is Document
File - Erection of electric sky signs in the City, 1913
template is Document
File - Purchase of motorcycles for use by the Electric Light Department, Sydney, 1919
template is Document
File - Extension of contract to supply bulk electricity to Parramatta Electric Supply Company, Sydney, 1919