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Further Resources

City of Sydney Resources

City of Sydney website

The City of Sydney website provides information and council services.

The Archives Collection Management Policy is available on the City of Sydney website. It outlines the framework for managing our archives and our criteria for collection. 

The HIstory of Sydney Streets can also be found on the website. 

​House and Building Histories Guide

The House and Building Histories Guide will lead you through many of the resources available to research the history of your house, apartment or commercial building. 

Oral Histories

The City's collection of oral histories showcases the voices of Sydney people past and present. 

Councillors and Aldermen

Sydney's Councillors and Aldermen is an A to Z biographical guide of almost 500 men and women who have represented Sydney's residents on the CIty of Sydney Council, since its formation in 1842. 

The Newtown Project

The Newton Project has been decommissioned. See the guide Where is content from the Newtown Project?  for more information.

Darlinghurst stories

Darlinghurst stories is a digital history project mapping the people and places of Liverpool Street Darlinghurst from the 1850s to the 1940s using data from the City of Sydney Archives and other institutions. 


Barani is a website providing histories of people, places and events in the local area that are associated with the histories of Sydney's Aboriginal communities. 


External Resources

Archives in Australia

The Australian Society of Archivists compiles a Directory of Archives in Australia which includes national and state archival institutions, school archives and business archives.

Department of Customer Service (NSW)

Spatial Information Exchange (Six Maps) - access to spatial (mapping) information for NSW 

National Library of Australia

TROVE, the National LIbrary's online collection, includes digitised, searchable newspapers dating from 1803 to the 1950s.

State Library of New South Wales

The State Library of New South Wales has a vast collection of books and records of Sydney's history.

Dictionary of Sydney

The Dictionary of Sydney explores all aspects of Sydney's past online.