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The City of Sydney supports and encourages the distribution and exchange of information and access to archival resources.

City Archives Content is available under one of the following rights categories:


Creative Commons

The item is licensed for use under a Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) license, which is Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International. When using or sharing this material, attribution must be given to City of Sydney Archives. Full license details are available from Creative Commons.

In some cases copyright may be held by the City of Sydney. In other cases copyright may be held by a third party and the material is licensed to the City of Sydney.


Copyright - © All rights reserved

The work is under current copyright restrictions, and copyright is owned by a third party (not the City of Sydney). It may not be reproduced, communicated or copied (other than for the purposes of fair dealing, as defined in the Copyright Act 1968) without the copyright holder’s permission.


No copyright

This item is no longer under copyright in Australia and is in the public domain. It may be used freely. When using or sharing this item attribution should be given to the City of Sydney Archives.


Copyright not identified

The City of Sydney has not been able to determine if there are current copyright restrictions on this item. The user may need to obtain permission from third parties to reuse their material. When using or sharing this item, attribution should be given to the City of Sydney Archives.


Where to find the copyright information

The relevant copyright status is identified within the description of each item. When you select to download an item, the relevant copyright symbol and text will be displayed and appear in the download report.

Further information about copyright conditions or acknowledgement of the author for our donor collections are provided in the 'Public access note'. This can be found in the descriptive text of the item under the heading 'Access.'

City of Sydney copyright

View the City of Sydney’s general copyright statement on our website.

Copyright issues

The City of Sydney respects intellectual property. If there is any inaccuracy, omission or, as a copyright owner, you wish to have an image of your work removed, please contact us.

Citation and attribution

If using items from this site you should credit the ‘City of Sydney Archives’ and provide a citation. The citation for an item can be downloaded from the catalogue by selecting the Citation tool ( ).