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First Nations content

Cultural care and sensitivity


The City Archives holds content in various formats including audio, film, photographs, and printed material, which may be considered distressing or offensive to some viewers.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people should be aware that the City Archives hold material that contain images and names of deceased people, which may cause sadness, particularly to the relatives of these people. If you are concerned about certain content, you can Request to remove content from the public site.


We have a duty of care to ensure the archives is culturally safe. 

We are gradually implementing a program to update descriptive information for items relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. You can contact us to request changes. 

Some archives on this website may contain information or opinions that are today considered to be biased, bigoted or racist or insensitive, and are no longer acceptable. While the City Archives does not support the views expressed, it is important not to erase the fact that historically these attitudes and viewpoints existed. You can contact us for a warning to be added to alert users to this content. The City Archives also supports the right of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander to challenge and respond to archives via a right of reply.

You can also contact us if you locate material that should be recognised as culturally sensitive or which requires further consideration around access conditions and restrictions.


If you need assistance in finding Council archives or donated items regarding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, please contact us.