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Historic images are required to be used on temporary structures surrounding heritage building developments or located in heritage conservation areas of significance (refer to the hoardings and scaffolding guidelines).

We have pre-selected a number of images from the City of Sydney Archives to meet this requirement. Selected images are all available to download in high-resolution file formats and have been cropped to best present at scale on temporary structures.

Depending on the size and location of the proposed temporary structure, select images from the themes represented by each of the tiles below. Ensure that you obtain the correct citation to accompany the image. These are located within the special citation field and are used to accompany the images on the Historic images hoarding design template.

In addition to the pre-selected image content, you may also either:

  • select your own content from the City of Sydney Archives by using specific keywords in the catalogue
  • provide your own relevant high-resolution content obtained from another source.

Any additional content will need to be of sufficient minimum image resolution (approximately 8000 pixels on the longest edge of the image).

For further information about historic images on temporary structures, see the historic images page.