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Hoarding Images



The City of Sydney’s Hoarding and Scaffolding Policy and Guidelines require the display of historic images on temporary structures surrounding heritage-listed buildings or located in heritage conservation areas having significant intactness.

To help you meet this requirement we have preselected a large number of high-resolution historic images, including both: 

  1. Site fence images – these images are full-sized and are for use on the ground level of Type-A and Type-B hoardings together with accompanying citations, and 
  2. Fascia images – these images are pre-cropped and for use on the fascia surfaces of Type-B hoardings


Historic Image Hoardings Map

To locate image content relevant to your site, use our Historic Image Hoardings Map. Locate your site on the map and select the relevant area to link to preselected Site Fence and Fascia image content. If your site is near the boundary of an area, you can use image content from both areas.


Further Information

For information on our historic image selections, contact the City Archives team.

For information on the design, layout and installation of Historic Image hoardings, see the Creative Graphic Design Guide for Hoardings and Scaffolding.

For information on hoarding applications and approvals within the City of Sydney, contact the City Building Certification team.